Hair Stylists

Hair Stylist Careers

At Salon de Luxe, we’re searching for extraordinary hair stylists who want an extraordinary career. If you’re a hair stylist who’s unsatisfied with a mundane or undernourished salon environment, this is the place for you.

We provide our beauty professionals with a career path full of opportunity - the opportunity for constant growth.  Depending on your experience,   we are offer either commission or Micro-Salon Subleasing. If you are licensed but have little to no clientele to follow or leaving a salon that didn't provide adequate experience or have experience but seeking to build a new clientele,  then commission may be the best option for you.  If you have established a clientele and plenty of experience Micro-Salon sublease option may be right for you.  We opt to use the term Micro-Salon sublease instead of booth rental. The Micro-Salon option is only offered to those who meet a certain criteria.  Check out the video below to learn the some of the benefits of joining the Salon de  Luxe team.

Job Description:

  • Women’s and children’s precision haircuts (shear, razor or clipper)
  • Shampooing, blow-drying and styling clients’ hair in a healthy manner
  • Curling and straightening client’s hair with attention to maintaining the integrity of the hair
  • Coloring, perming and treating hair with the upmost integrity
  • Selling hair products to clients
  • Maintaining personal hair station & storage unit and common salon areas, including sweeping up hair
  • Talking and building relationships with their clients 


  • Illinois Cosmetology License 
  • Professional Liability Insurance

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Standard booth renting salons in our communities do well just by providing the minimum. Our commitment to help provide stylists, who are independent contractors, with continued education, marketing tools, a full-time receptionist and salon manager, allowing stylists to focus on providing the highest-level of service to their clients. The owner's experience as a booth renter was a positive one. However, there were things that were lacking, but because she was new to the industry she made due without. Oftentimes, empty promises for marketing were made but what can you say - no other booth rental salons offered anything extra. 

"So why haven't we taken the Salon Suite route?" you may ask. We believe that the suite concept has over-saturated the industry leaving many stylists believing it to be the only option if they want to establish a professional salon experience for their clients and build their own brand. We, here at Salon de Luxe, are committed to our stylists and want to see them grow professionally. We offer them the opportunity to be an open concept micro-salon owner in a team-oriented environment.  So just as we would not overbook in a 110 sq. ft (suite) space they we carry that same professionalism in their open micro-salon.

Shampoo bowls are shared at a ration of 2:1. We will never overcrowd a Salon de Luxe with stylists just for profits. We'd rather offer a spacious, relaxing environment to all of our guests. We aspire to attract stylists with an array of amenities and perks and attract guest with our inviting, chic and  aesthetically-pleasing salon ambience.